Iraqi AlAmal Association Programmes about women

Iraqi AlAmal Association Programmes about women
Iraqi AlAmal Association has a leading role within the framework of women organizations, comprising of women activists with experience in many Governorates,
The Association is well-known amongst all different NGOs, and respected by formal and informal authorities,
It is important to reference that AlAmal Programmes in training and implementing its projects, made those women more active and civilized,
Two years ago, Iraqi Women Network office which has been administrating by AlAmal Association, this office promotes outreach amongst local women organizations, and develops lobby campaigns, mobilizing advocacy, also enhancing relations with many International organizations, involving women in different activities and training courses to building and developing capacities and experience, As well as strengthening communication with both local and foreign mass media,
The Association also has many advocacy campaigns for women rights, and promotes gender concepts in the society/community,
AlAmal Programmes has contributed in education and health fields to confirm its credibility amongst formal and informal environments,

Media campaign for Iraqi Women Movement
Iraqi Women Network
Alamal legal and social clinic
Al-Tadhamun institution for hairstyle
Iraqi AlAmal Association partnership role was

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