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Scope of Work – Computer Training Services

The Iraqi Al-Amal Association (IAA) seeks a company that has experience in providing ICT training, including to youth, to provide the services noted below. The ICT training will be provided as part of a livelihoods program for young people living in seven target communities in the Ninewa Plains (Qaraqosh, Baashiqa and Bahzani,Bartella, Talkayf , Telescuf, Nimrod and Wana). The ICT training should enable students to develop marketable skills and prepare the program participants for ICT-related jobs and livelihood opportunities.

All proposals must be submitted by 12:00 PM on Sandy, March 7. Each page of the completed information sheet, training program proposal, and financial offer (budget) should be stamped with the company stamp, signed, scanned, and submitted to the email address above, along with the other documents.

To open the application form , please click here

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