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Youth Civil Dialogue

.    Youth Civil Dialogue

      The program commenced in April 2006, Which aims to disseminate the culture of dialogue and joint action among the youth groups on the issues of non-violence, tolerance, citizenship and the culture of human rights, and problems specific to young people in the area of education, training and employment . The Program was attended by 56 young people, of both sexes, aged 18-28 years, from seven Iraqi provinces. The work initially focused on the development of their intellectual capacities and technical abilities. Then they preformed various activities dealing with specific topics, the results were presented as work papers at the first Conference held in Sulaimaniya in September, for three days, in the presence of (120) young people and a delegation of the Lebanese youth, and a number of experts including academics and intellectuals,and representatives of NGOs and the media, from different govern orates, who helped in facilitating the Conference’s meetings and the main working groups.

      The second phase of the program focused on the concept of human security from the intellectual aspect and its significant manifestations in the reality of Iraq,in health, economy, media and human development aspects and in displacement as well. The papers were submitted by the youth groups at the Second Conference held in Shaqlawah / Arbil in early May 2007, which tackled human security. It was attended by (87) young people from ten govern orates, in addition to a number of researchers, specialists and local and INGO’s, and a representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

      Within the program of the Development of the Capacity and skills of young people as trainers, the Association organized two training courses on conflict resolution in Beirut,in November 2006 and in April 2007, in which young people from the two programs of; Civil Dialogue and Conflict Resolution among students, form all govern orates participated. In the first 19 young men and women participated,and in the second 16. The program included 2 workshops: Basic principles of conflict resolution and the techniques of negotiation, and how to facilitate the work of groups, techniques of conflict resolution, decision-making, the role of communication in resolving conflict and training techniques for trainers.

      Some youth groups achieved in the program continuity and made new initiatives within their environment, as by the group from Kirkuk, who made distinct initiatives in solidarity with victims of the terrorist operations and the celebration of the International Day of Peace, and other activities on conflict resolution. At the beginning of April 2007, Al Amal youth group in Kirkuk,initiated a campaign under the title of (Kirkuk,My Home), which aimed to promote a cleaner city and encourage the spirit of citizenship. The campaign aimed to raise awareness and education in the neighborhoods, schools and kindergartens. It continued for a period of four months and involved about 80 young women and men, in collaboration with 15 NGO’s,the Directorate of the Municipality of Kirkuk, where awareness posters and waste bags were distributed to the residents in the area of Rahaimawa. The campaign met a positive response by the residents of the area.

      The Association Organized a training course for the development of civic education among the youth in the province of Sulaimaniya, in August 2008, which was attended by 21 young people from the center, the districts and areas of the province. The training program focuses on the concepts of human and gender rights and the violations of rights at home, school and the community, as well as the concept of voluntary work, conflict resolution,communication skills, effective dialogue, conflict resolution techniques, and training techniques for trainers.

      The young people from IAA reactivated their web site and turned it to a forum for young people, with more than 5000 members up to October 2008, and the average of guests reached 180 /day, and it featured more than 20000 topics. A group of young people is managing currently the site, and a qualified staff is being currently trained to develop the Forum. 

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