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The suicide between causes and treatment

The suicide crime causes and treatment

On 14th  February 2014, Alamal support center office held a seminar entitled (The suicide between causes and treatment), targeting a youth groups between ages (17-18) years from different high schools in Thi Qar, the seminar was about the suicide phenomenon practiced now a days among many teenagers (both sexes).

The suicide rates increased significantly in the province and that led us to look up about its causes, reasons and try to find proper solutions to reduce its presence in the society.

The seminar dealt with the main reasons that force youth (male, female) to suicide which were presented those causes explore by the social researcher for the center (Sabrine Kamel) and the most important of which are:

1. Psychological reasons such as (Anxiety, depression, fear, psychological stress which youth face under certain social and economic factors.

2.  Social causes which depend on the nature of the community and its traditions, such as (frustration, unemployment, domestic and sexual violence).

3. Political conflicts.

4. Values, traditions and ripped custom.

5. Absence of religious awareness.

The lawyer “Zahra Feisal” explained: (the Iraqi penal law code (111) for 1969 that suicide is up normal social phenomenon, and not a crimes as states in article (2) of the same items, the Iraqi penal law did not punish to suicide itself, but punished those who encourage or assists to commit suicide the penalty will not be more than 7 years. this is the according to the statement while we can find the suicide person (18) year for the Kurdistan region the article (1) was faced down and commit suicide was regarded a crime in the level of the law which succeed in preventing this phenomenon. While in my opinion I believe as a lawyer and activities in Alamal center that many honor crimes recorded as suicides which denies the judiciary in Nasiriya any cases of suicides has recorded.

The result of the survives which was conducting during seminar shows that took place during has been reached:

1 Iraqi law was not successful being considered suicide as a crime and consider the suicide as a dead person has been lost his life and can’t be physically punished. 

2. The Iraqi penalty law ignores to punish who attempt to commit suicide and this is regarded one of the gaps in the law.

  – Law in returns punishes suicide those who encourage crime.3

The group youth attitude have discussed about role of negative media that tried to change the youth and imitation what see in the media, in addition to the person’s willingness to accept the ​​suicide idea and this has been linked to the reasons that we dealt with previously them socially, the seminar included presented which statics recorded in Nasiriya (48) of which were recorded as drowning suicide throughout past three years (women presented the majority of the suicide committers).

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