Training and Capacity building

– Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s)

  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) •Together with four INGO’s, IAA organized a program for building capacities and enabling local NGO’s, taking into account that most of the NGO’s, are recently formed, and lacks expertise and infrastructure. 17 organisations participated in the three workshops, held between February and August 2004. The program included the legal status of organisations, structure, and financial situation, and the formulation of proposals, as well as project management.

•The Organisation of training courses on conducting interviews and writing résumés for the 46 staff members, whose contracts had expired with the World Health Organization, during the months of August and September of 2004.

•The Organisation of a training course in Amman in September 2005, on the management of human resources and projects, in which twenty activists from IAA and non-governmental organisations participated.
•In February 2006, IAA organized a training workshop in Beirut, on advocacy, campaigning and networking among NGO’s, in which 18 leaders in various women’s organisations participated.

•During August 2006, IAA organized, in Karbala, a Training Workshop on (human resource management and project management of NGO’s), which was attended by 25 representatives from a number of NGO’s in Karbala, Najaf, Babil, Muthanna , Diwaniya and Wasit.

•In 2006, IAA nominated five human rights and civil society activists in Baghdad, for a course on human rights via the Internet, with the Norwegian University Boscrod, and with the support of the Norwegian People’s Aid organisation, which lasted two years. The participants received, in October 2008, a Diploma in Human rights and multiculturalism, and conflict management.

•In September 2007, four IAA interns participated in a workshop for writing and formulation projects, which was held in Amman, and then it was followed by an additional workshop, with the support of (ESCWA). As a result of the workshop a project on non-formal education of human rights in schools was written. The United Nations agencies are to support this project in the future.

•During 2007, 8 activists in the program of civil dialogue among young people, participated in the courses held by the Strategic Studies Institute in Beirut, each course was for a month, aiming to develop the potential of academic research among young participants.

•In March 2007, IAA Organized in Karbala, a course to develop skills in photography and video, in which (26) men and women participated.

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