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– Conflict Resolution, Peace & Gender

  • Conflict Resolution, Peace & Gender
    • On the subject of conflict resolution, the Association organized two training courses in Beirut, in October 2006 and in April 2007, to prepare trainers from the young people who participated in the civil dialogue and conflict resolution programs, with the support of the Heinrich Boll Foundation, in cooperation with the Lebanese Network for Conflict Resolution. 21 Participated in the first, and 16 in the second, from various governors. A number of participants started actual training, and others participated dynamically in the activities.

• In the second week of May 2007, IAA organized in conjunction with the Toledo International Center for Peace in Madrid / Spain, with support from the Spanish Ministry of Education and the Del Pino Fund, a workshop on building management skills and conflict resolution for women leaders in Iraq, and the promotion of gender equality in the framework of peace and security. The delegation was headed by eng. Wijdan Salim, Minister of Human Rights. (10) Women activists in key positions in civil society organisations and government institutions participated in the delegation, including (5) of the activists in the Association. This workshop came as a follow-up to the workshop organized by IAA and the Toledo center in Sulaimaniya, in July 2006, which was aimed at strengthening the role of Iraqi women, as a key figure in the Iraqi civil society. And in which a group of active leaders in civil society organisations and government institutions participated. The program of the workshop included topics related to conflict, its conditions and causes, and approaches of conflict resolution, communication skills, negotiation, mediation ……. etc. The total of the participants in the workshops was 30 activists from different governorates.

• In September 2007, IAA organized in Beirut, and with the support of Heinrich boll Foundation, in cooperation with the Lebanese organisation of Kafa, a training workshop for specialists on gender awareness, in which (15) trainees (male and female) from women’s movements leaderships and specialists in the field of media and the law participated.

• In October 2007, three IAA youths participated in a training camp held in Amman under the motto “Peace through Sports”, funded by a Princess from the Jordanian royal family and with the support of UNDP.

• Three IAA activists Participated in a training course on consolidating the capacities of women workers in the field of combating violence against women, held in Amman in December 2007, by the Human Rights Office of (UNAMI).

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