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Iraqi Al-Amal Celebrates World Peace Day on 21st September

Iraqi Al-Amal Celebrates World Peace Day on 21st September

On the 21st of September 2016 Iraqi Al-Amal Association \ Kirkuk office celebrated World Peace Day. The day is celebrated internationally to renounce violence in resolving conflicts and to consolidate the values and culture of peace, to declare ceasefire permanently. The activities of 2016 World Peace Day received great attention since it was declared by the United Nations within the goals of the sustainable development that consist of 17 clauses.

Many young activists, who believe in furthering the importance of human rights and peace culture, participated through planting rose plantlets in the central garden in Rahimawah area in Kirkuk.

Prior to planting these plantlets, Ms Sorood – Head of Iraqi Al-Amal Association in Kirkuk, spoke to the participants on the importance of this day and why it was selected to be a World Peace Day. Peace is bound to human understanding each other, respecting other’s opinions no matter how different they can be and repelling extremism whether it is sectarian, religious, political, social or any kind of extremism.

The event was covered by Kurd SAT satellite channel.

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