InSupport of the Protestors, Iraqi Women Network Delegation Visits the Popular -Civil Protest Tents at the Green Zone Gates

InSupport of the Protestors,

Iraqi Women Network Delegation Visits the Popular -Civil Protest Tents at the Green Zone Gates

Baghdad 24/3/2016

Iraqi Women Network (IWN) delegation, in conjunction with the Women’s office / Al-Sader Political Mainstream, visited the protesters’ tents organized by the popular – civil movement in protest at the procrastination in the implementation of the promised reforms to the political process. The delegation expressed its support to the protestors in their demands  for change, tackle corruption and shun sectarian quotas. They demanded,  through a statement by IWN,the need to take serious and decisive actions within a defined timeline radical changes in the political, economical, legal and administrative infrastructure of the Iraqi government through a comprehensive strategy to build peace, accelerate the formation of a technocrat government and the National Federal Services Council made up of independent, honest and

competent people far from the  balance and quotas policy of the ruling parties.

The statement alsostressed the necessity for addressing the problems of the displaced persons, working towards reforming the Judiciary system as an independent, neutral and professional authority that is effective in applying the law and justice and fighting corruption and crime. The statement also demanded at least a third of the next government to be women, empowering them in the stakeholder positions and enhancing their leadership skills in the political work. The government should open the doors to cooperating and coordinating with civil society organisations and human rights defenders including the young leaders and the women movement representatives to achieve alert social monitoring in order to build equal citizenship state, fight terror and extremism and achieve national reconciliation and social cohesion.The delegation met with a number of the coordinating committees members who welcomed the initiative of IWN in supporting the protestorsand  stressing the importance of cooperation and coordination with the civil society organisations to deliver their legitimate demands which are the demands of thepeople. The delegation also expressed their admiration o

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