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Iraqi Al-Amal Association Holds its Ninth AGM

13th October 2015

Iraqi Al-Amal Association Holds its Ninth AGM

Iraqi Al-Amal Association held its ninth AGM in Baghdad on 10th October 2015. The conference was attended by 55 delegates, staff and guests from partner NGO’s.

The participants reviewed the report from the Board of Trustees, which defined the most prominent issues and challenges in the situation in Iraq characterised by the proposed political reforms and the fight against terrorism, the security and military situation, the suffering of the displaced people, the uncontrolled migration out of Iraq among the ethnic and religious minorities as well as by the young people, the deteriorated levels of all services, and the weakness of the law enforcement authorities. These conditions have serious consequences on the social fabric, particularly on the conditions of women.

The discussions condemned the abuse of power and the attack on the protesters, activists and journalists. Information on the where-about of the activists Jalal Al-Shahmani from Baghdad and Wa’iI Jeboury Al-Mansour were demanded.

The conference also discussed the status of the Association and its activities. The report by the Board of Trustees concluded that the activities were distinctive, both for empowerment and advocacy campaigns,or the activities within local communities. They were all reflected through other reports presented by the managers of the programmes and Al-Amal offices in the provinces. The reports covered several items which were initiated on the basis of the Association’s strategic plan 2012-6201.

The activities included those relating to providing services for the displaced people in the fields of education, health and economic empowerment, as well as providing food and health assistance in a number of provinces. Reference was made to the programmes of “Human Rights Capacity Building for Civil Society Organisations” through Al-Nama’ Center, “Vocational Training for Young People”, “FamilyResource Centre” which is located in four provinces dealing with issues of domestic and community violence, “Political Empowerment of Women” which lasted over two years, “Field Research on the Worst Forms of Child Labour” carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry ofLabour and Social Affairs with the support from UNICEF, the study on the analysis of conflicts “Gender, Religion and Security in the Province of Nineveh”, and the project to develop a civics curriculum for first grade secondary schools in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, which is still in progress. All in addition to advocacy campaigns initiated by the Association, or the Association participated in, with regard to drafting laws, such as the political parties, the protection of biodiversity, the protection fromdomestic violence, and the implementation of the emergency plan for UN resolution 1325 on women’s participation in peace and security.

The conference discussed the internal affairs of Iraqi Al-Amal Association, coupled with the results of the broad consultative meeting which was held in August to enhance the institutional framework from the administrative, financial and human resources points of view. The consultative meeting was intended toaudit the strategic outlook of the Al-Amal Association.

The priorities and programmes, relevant to the current situation, were identified at the conference. Al-Amal’s financial report was presented with high transparency and was discussed and approved.

By secret ballot, the conference concluded it affairs with the election of the six members for the Board of Trustees, under the supervision of a lawyer.

After the conclusion of the conference, the Board of Trustees held its first meeting and elected Mrs.Hanaa Edwar as a Chairperson, Dr. Mohammed Al-Rubaie as Deputy Chairman, Ms. Amina Koyani asFinancial Secretary, with remaining members Dr. Faris Kamal Omar Nadhmi, Mr. Emad Jassim Salman, and Ms. Wethba Abdul Latif Taiar.

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