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Medical Care Programfor Children with Special Needs

Medical Care Programfor Children with Special Needs
This program is an ongoing medical program, which provides medicines donated by a number of Italian families to the children suffering from chronic and incurable diseases such as; Thalassemia, Epilepsy, Cancer, Diabetes, Nerves Atrophy, and Hormone Imbalances.

This program was established in 1994 by the Italian Organization (Bridgeto … Un Ponte Per). IAA entered into a partnership with this organisationsince 2004. The program benefited 90 patients. The Association conductsperiodic checks on the patients, and identifies their needs for medicine,health care and medical equipments. As well as keeping up to date with theirfamilies concerning their psychological and other problems. (20) Cases werediagnosed as in need for operations abroad In the second half of 2006, the program encountered some seriousobstacles, such as the inability to receive medicines from abroad, because ofthe severe restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Health, which forced theAssociation to purchase the medicines from the local market on its own budget,also, the deterioration of the security situation during this period propelledsome families to stop contacting and coming to the Association. In the year 2007, two batches weredistributed instead of three, and the cost of medicines and other expenses werenot fully covered by the donating party, therefore IAA accepted the additionalcosts. An agreement was reached with the mentioned organisation to providesupport to 65 beneficiaries during 2008.

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