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       The collapse of health services during the war period and beyond caused a terrible deterioration in people’s health conditions, particularly in rural areas. Based on its long experience in the field of health, the Association implemented a mobile clinic project in order to alleviate the suffering of the people, especially women and children in rural areas, and to offer them health services. These programs, which  have been implemented in the provinces of Arbil,Babil, Diyala, Wasit, Diwaniyah, Karbala, Anbar, gave the Association an opportunity to  access remote and dangerous areas, as a result of armed conflicts, and also to access closed areas due to tribal customs, and it managed to form  a wide range of contacts with people, and to provide urgent medical services to them, and raise health,environmental and the social level amongst them , and it managed to get to know their needs and the needs of their areas, and was also able to implement other programs, such as potable water projects, and classes for the eradication of illiteracy. As well as lobbying for the improvement of health centers’conditions and their development.

       Through such programs, the relationship,between the Association and health services offices in the governorate and the Ministry of Health itself was consolidated. The Association was the only NGO which was invited to attend a workshop devoted to formulate  the execution plan strategy for the advancement of mother’s and child’s health and reproductive health in Iraq,which was held in the city of Sulaimaniya in mid-September 2004. The Association Contributed again, in the annual conference of the Ministry of Health, held in Arbil 2005.

       In addition to the medical services provided by these clinics, these clinics also, participated in educating pregnant women concerning breastfeeding, and the importance of visiting the health care center, and the necessity of women and children getting vaccines on time , and the organisation of workshops for midwives to develop their skills,and the development of communication between the local people and the health center in their region, and the development and strengthening of  cooperation between these teams and the staff working in the health centers. The total number of beneficiaries from the services of these clinics is (54255), according to the details listed in the table below:   Also, in the summer of 2005, the Association formed a mobile medical team, which  worked for five weeks in the rural areas of the governorate of Karbala, offering treatment services to (544)people.

No.ProvincesNo. of beneficiariesDurationLabTotal No. of beneficiaries
Arbil1038204April  2003May  20031242
Babil51344085Nov.2003  March2004129110510
Diyala12591201March2004June 20042460
Wasit47426590Sep. 2004July 200557411906
Diwaniya55855026April 2005Dec. 200556011171
Anbar68047935Sep. 200531 Oct.2006222716966
Total2456225041approx. 40 months465254255

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