Training and Capacity building

– Capacity Building of the Employees in Government Agencies

  • Capacity Building of the Employees in Government Agencies

• According to the Association’s strategy in training workers of security agencies, the Ministry of Interior was approached,
and they welcomed the proposal. The first experience began for three weeks in the month of December 2007, with the training of 59 officers, participating in the training course of the Agency of information and national investigations. The training included training on the concepts of citizenship, the government and the constitution, human rights, the concept of gender and conflict resolution. The training was conducted by three specialists, who volunteered kindly. Positive responses by the trainees with the program were noted, a fact that encourages to repeat the experience.

• The Association’s Office in Najaf organized, in coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sport, in December 2007, a training workshop for workers in the ministry on the skills of communication and dialogue. The number of participants in the workshop was 25 persons, representing five provinces; Baghdad, Najaf, Muthanna, Dhi Qar and Wasit.

• In April 2008, the Directorate of Youth and Sport of Diwaniyah province, organized in cooperation with the Association, a training workshop on (The art of influencing others), in which 20 employees in the mentioned directorate participated. The training included several topics including: human behavior, and the organisational family behavior influencing it, and the basic rules and leadership skills to influence others. The style of work was used within the work group, with an emphasis on practical exercises and tests. Days later another workshop was organized, under the name “Dialogue skills between young people”, which was attended by 20 employees in the ministry.

• In July 2008, IAA organized in Beirut, a course on human and gender rights in law, in which the President of the Supreme Judicial Council and the President of the Federal High Court Judge Medhat Al-Mahmoud and ten judges from the Federal Supreme Court and the federal Appeal Court and specialists in personal status participated, in addition to three academics professors specializing in law and human rights. The workshop program focused its discussions on the nature of human rights, and their international and regional mechanisms, and to identify the concept of gender and its association with human rights issues, and to shed light on discrimination against women in the laws, as well as the theme of violence against women, and refining the national legislation from forms of discrimination against women, and the enactment of laws to protect women and their rights, taking into consideration the legal framework of international women’s human rights. Also, the participant in the workshop, were briefed on Lebanese laws and on the Moroccan Code of Personal Status thoroughly, and there was a dialogue concerning the comparison with the Iraqi Personal Status Law No. 188 of 1959, as amended.

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