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Iraqi Alamal Association held its 7th Conference

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Iraqi Alamal Association held its 7th Conference

The Iraqi Al-Amal Association (IAA) held its seventh conference on Saturday 24th August 2013). 35 persons attended the conference most of them were members and employees of IAA as well as numbers of NGOs activists.

The conference discussed the annual achievements report of board of trustees and other reports submitted by projects managers and IAA’s sub offices in the provinces; the reports dealt with IAA projects and activities for the period of (April 2012 – August 2013) which were based on several aspects related to the strategy plan for IAA(2012-2017) such as advocacy and lobbying campaigns regarding drafts of laws i.e. freedom of expression,peaceful demonstration, law of domestic violence protection in order to issue a law to protect minorities’ rights and draft a law to prepare cooperation letter between the local authorities and the civil society; IAA currently is working on drafting the shadow report of preventing all forms of discrimination against women and focusing on youth organization in particular through organizing International Peace Day on 21st September of every year as well as the youth conference which was held recently in Erbil in August 2013. In addition to the direct activities programs with the local communities such as illiteracy project for empowerment which was implemented in three provinces,(150) female and (42) male learners and the Family Support Centers program located in five provinces which received during the mentioned period total of 2852 cases who received social and legal advice free of charge.One of the aspects dealt with the internal status of IAA concerning its structure, financial and administration systems, mechanisms, policies and sustainability. The annual financial report of IAA was also presented in transparent way in addition to the projects which will be implemented during the upcoming period.

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