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Scope of Work – Computer Training Services

Scope of Work – Computer Training Services

The Iraqi Al-Amal Association seeks a company that has experience in providing ICT training, including to youth, to provide the services noted below. The ICT training will be provided as part of a livelihoods program for young people living in five target communities in the Ninewa Plains.

  • Services to be provided include the following:
    • Provide 2 days of training per week, four hours per day, for a total of 12 weeks.
    • The training is scheduled be held from 9 am to 1 pm in two program facilities, one located in Tel Kayf and one located in Bartella.
    • The goal is to start the 12-week training in early February.
    • Provide 4 trainers to serve approximately 75 youth. It is anticipated that roughly 45 youth will be located in Bartella and 30 youth in Tel Kayf.
    • Schedule 1 site visit during the course of the training to an appropriate business or company where computer skills are a key qualification (Costs of participant transportation for the visit will be covered by IAA).
    • Identify at least 3 potential work places in the Ninewa Plains or Mosul for job or internship opportunities for building youth participants’ computer skills experience.
    • Leverage existing partnerships to support the placement of youth into internships, jobs, training, or other economic opportunities.
  • The company should provide introductory computer trainings in basic skills, including the Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), emailing basics, and social media management for businesses. The introductory training should then be followed by two specific training tracks in 1) mobile maintenance; and 2) graphic design .All this content should fit within the 12-week training period described above.
  • The company will submit an outline of topics as part of its proposal and submit a budget (fill out Exhibit 1). To the extent possible, the ICT training should be integrated with other work readiness and skills development training to be provided the other two days per week. Such work readiness topics include developing a livelihoods plan, leadership, networking and conducting job research, customer service and negotiation skills, and financial management, among others.
  • The company will provide all necessary mobile and other computer equipment for use by 75 youth.

Companies interested in submitting a proposal for this Scope of Work should send the following to

  1. Completed information sheet, as outlined in Exhibit 1;
  2. The proposed training program, as outlined in Exhibit 2;
  3. The proposed budget for delivering the training and providing the services described above;
  4. An overview or brochure of their company;
  5. Copy of the company’s registration documents;
  6. Information about the trainers, including CVs and relevant work history or accomplishments;
  7. References from previous organizations that have engaged the companies’ services.

All proposals must be submitted by 12:00 PM (noon) on Tuesday, December 24. Each page of the completed information sheet, training program proposal, and financial offer (budget) should be stamped with the company stamp, signed, scanned, and submitted to the email address above, along with the other documents.

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