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Tender of training social media bloggers

Tender of training social media bloggers on Human Rights Advocacy and lobby, November 2018

Tender of training social media bloggers on Human Rights Advocacy and lobby, November 2018

Iraqi Al–Amal Association (IAA)

Iraqi Al-Amal Association (IAA) is a non-political، non-sectarian association of volunteers actively engaged in projects for the benefit and wellbeing of the Iraqi population regardless of race، gender and political or religious affiliation. Al-Amal was established in 1992. In May 2003، the head office of Al-Amal was opened in Baghdad. Its activities and services are now provided throughout Iraq, ranging from health services to training and from

capacity building to advocacy. The aim is for the rehabilitation of the people and for influencing the social consciousness towards the creation of a modern civil society.

IAA has been registered in Iraq[1]. Its mission is for rehabilitation and raising social consciousness among Iraqi citizens to contribute to the building a democratic state in Iraq. IAA has been working to support human rights and fundamental freedoms in Iraq for many years. Recently، a network of 550 human rights defenders has been established،which expanded through social media to more than 210،000 members throughout Iraq.[2]

IAA vision: a civil society organization and effective partner in making decision and policy formulation and implementation

IAA  values : citizenship, social justice, equality, transparency, accountability.

IAA mission:Rehabilitation of the Iraqi citizens to raise social consciousness and to contribute to building a civil state of democracy in Iraq.

Please see our website for more information

Al-Namaa Center for Human Rights

Al-Namaa Center for Human Rights[3] aiming to provide accurate information about Human Rights situation in Iraq. This planed training part of continues efforts and commitment to improve Human Rights situation by promoting the respect for human rights and reduce serious human rights violations cases through different ways like producing regular reports on Human Rights situation and also by doing offline and online lobby and advocacy campaigns to enhance human rights legislations and policies.

Please see Alnamaa center for HR website for more information


Program title:

Protecting Iraqi Human Rights Defenders: Securing a Movement for Human Rights

Overall objective:

To improve the human rights situation in Iraq by promoting the respect for human rights and reduce serious human rights violations cases

IAA and Alnamaa center for Human Rights looking forward a professional trainer or team to conduct a training for  10 -12 Iraqi social media bloggers for 3-4  days on Human Right advocacy via social media  in Erbil ,to further build their capacity in planning for Human Rights lobby and advocacy campaigns over social media , in order to grant and support their social media pages and websites after the training  to advocate for Human Rights in systematic strategic way.

This tender will focus on delivering a complete training package including designing agenda and all related materials and submitting training report.

Action and key tasks :

  1. Deliver full training in Iraq Kurdistan region (Erbil) to 10-12 Iraqi social media bloggers for 3-4 days on Human Right lobby and advocacy compagins via social media.
  2. Submit draft plan and agendafor review and feedback.
  3. Methodology for training , designing pre post test , evaluation questionnaires and deliver full report analysisincluding training success ,impact , evaluation results pre post result , recommendations and attach all materials and presentation used in the training.
  4. Submit final product to Iraqi Al Amal Association along with all the supporting and working documents.
  5. training language will be Arabic but the tender acceptable in English and Arabic as well.

Successful consultant (individual/organization) will meet the following requirements:

  1. good understanding of current MENA context and have professional knowledge in the field of advocacy and social media.
  2. Have done similar training in the past and contributed to good quality of training and work with bloggers.
  3. Practical experience of working in the sector of Human Rights and advocacy campaigns.  IAA commitment forward accepted applicants: 
  • -IAA will provide international with Visa to access Iraqi Kurdistanand will pay all related fees.
  • -IAA will be responsible to cover all local and international transportations fees in addition to accommodation, full food board for only one person of the team.
  • -IAA will provide suitable training venue with enough space for activities and working group in addition to all stationary and printed materials .Timetable and reporting duration
  • -The training must be conducted during (December 2018 and January 2019 )
  • -The training will be 3-4 days.
  • -Total duration of the consultancy/contract = 6 day (3-4 days training + 1 day preparation +1 day writing report) By when:
  • -Up on agreement to allocate 3-4 days during (December 2018 and January 2019 )Who:This tender open for national and international consultants:
  • Professional individual consultants.
  • Human Rights CSOs .
  • Team of trainers.
  • Training agencies and companies. Tender live date8th Nov 2018Tender deadline:18th Nov 2018 Shortlisting and interviews:20th November 2018 First draft of agenda submitted by consultant:10th Dec 2018IAA provides feedback to the consultant on the first draft:12th December 2018Final versions of training agenda and all training materials submitted by consultant:15th December 2018  Proposal to tender and costing:Consultants (single or teams) interested in carrying out this training must:a) Submit a proposal including the followingi. Cover letter outlining a methodology and approach briefing note on plan for training.ii. CV or outline of relevant skills and experience possessed by the consultant who will be carrying out the tasks and any other personnel who will work on the training.iii. Example(s) of relevant wok and training done before.iv. The consultancy daily rate including total detailed requested budget.b) Be able to complete the training within the timeframe stated above.c) Be able to demonstrate significant experience of evaluation approaches after the training.D) able to travel to Iraq Kurdistan region (Erbil) to conduct training (IAA will handle Visa issue for accepted applicants).Terms and conditionsPayment terms for this project would be:30% of the total amount – signing the contract and sending training agenda, pre post ,evaluation form.50% of the total amount -launching training.20% remaining amount – submission of full training report, including all training outputs, evaluation, materials and presentation related to training.All applicant must submit their proposals via emails bellow with title (bloggers training proposal) no later 18th Nov 2018.

[1] IAA has been registered at the NGO’s Directorate under # 1Z687

[2] On Facebook: “Iraqi Human Rights Defenders and Activist forum”.

[3] one of IAA strategic long term programs , established by Iraqi Al Amal Association 2013 and funded by European Union.

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