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Al-Amal Organises a Health Awareness Seminar in Najaf

Al-Amal Organises a Health Awareness Seminar in Najaf

Iraqi Al-Amal Association, in conjunction with the Supreme Committee for Shelter & Relief of the displaced, organised a health awareness seminar at Al-Ataba Al-Alawiya hall on Najaf-Karbala road (Ya Hussein Road) on 13th July 2016.

The seminar included subjects about childbearing culture in Iraq, the necessity of birth-control and the danger of early marriage in addition to some health advice and guidance. Health baskets were distributed among the participants from the materials already existed in Al-Ataba Al-Alawiya warehouses.

It should be noted that the Supreme Committee for Shelter and Relief of the displaced received the assistance of Iraqi Al-Amal Association – Najaf office to facilitate and organise this health awareness seminar for women because there are no female medical staff to increase awareness in the need for birth-control under current circumstances. Lack of birth control culture increases the burden and difficulties on women and result in the increase of death incidents as well as early marriage.

Dr. Lamiyaa Hameed facilitated the workshop and presented a lecture on awareness for the participants. Dr. Lamiyaa participation came as a result of the coordination with Mid-Euphrates Hospital’s management – Health Care Unit. Najaf office staff also contributed on the danger and the burden of early marriage on the family and the community.

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