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Al-Amal Organises A Training Workshop at Kufa University / Najaf

Al-Amal Organises A Training Workshop at  Kufa University / Najaf

Iraqi Al-Amal Association organised a training workshop for the students of the Economics and Administration College at Kufa University within the framework of cooperation between the Association and the University on the 4th May 2016 where 35 students participated in addition to a number of teaching staff.

The workshop aimed raising the awareness of those who are at the age of marriage about many topics which could reduce conflicts and divorce. The workshop included the development of knowledge in the most important of which are: choosing a proper partner, build the social relationship between the couples, understanding the psychological characteristics, the importance of compromise, and Prenuptialmedical test, in addition to the economical skills in married life and a number of other related topics in building a healthy relationship.

At the end of the workshop a survey was conducted about the importance of training young men and women who are about to get married. The questions focused on their belief of the need for preparing young men and women with the marriage-life skills, the length of the course, the training materials and the right institutions to undertake such training. The participants emphasized the importance of widening the participation in these courses and urging the official institutions to undertake the programme since it is in theirs and their family’s best interest, and would results in decreasing social problems and reducing divorce rates.

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