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Al-Amal Concludes the Civil Education Project in Erbil and Najaf

Al-Amal Concludes the Civil Education Project in Erbil and Najaf
 The participating schools in the Civil Education Project concluded the project in Erbil and Najaf at a closing ceremony organized by most of the participating schools on March 2016. The participating schools are Kinjan, Alilm Alnafea, Alsalam in Erbil, Alreef Alzaher, Albedoor Alsatea and Abi Turab schools in Najaf. The schools provided civil education lessons to the first grade intermediate students during the past few months according to the prepared curriculum which was applied in conjunction with the Ministry of Education / Curriculum Department. The students’ and the teaching staff’s opinions of the curriculum were recorded before and after the commencement of the  lectures, through questionnaires to evaluate the project and the curriculum with view to study the possibility of expanding the project in the future. The conclusion of the project was celebrated with an art exhibition which included some crafts produced by the students, in addition to stage performance and poetry reading. Sport activities were organized at Kinjan school in Erbil with a very well attended ceremony.

 It should be noted that the project was implemented in three provinces: Baghdad, Erbil and Najaf. Three schools in each province participated in the project, which aimed at enhancing the culture of tolerance and accepting the others, mastering the culture of effective communication and dialogue and stimulating the spirit of citizenship through an interactive curriculum based on exercise and students’ participation. 

One of the positive indicators that has been noticed is the positive interface of the majority of the students with the curriculum, which was considered an important subject by them. Many of the teachers pointed out that the curriculum contributed in motivating the potentials of some students who invented  
few exercises and additional activities on their own.

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