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Al-Amal Organizes Awareness Activities In Basrah Dropping Out Of School And Health Education

Al-Amal Organizes Awareness Activities In Basrah Dropping Out Of School And Health Education

Iraqi Al-Amal Association / Basrah Office, in conjunction with Al-Montazer Primary School organized an awareness event, on 22nd February 2016, on the importance of learning. Al-Amal distributed stationary to 55 students in conjunction with Al-Salam Youth Campaign.

The students were made aware of the importance of education and studying and the risks of dropping out of school. The obstacles to learning were discussed some of which relate to family and living conditions. It was highlighted that there are larger number of dropouts in villages and rural areas than in the cities. Child labor was also discussed and the children were made aware of their legal rights. The danger of labor during childhood was also discussed.

The role of the school in providing the proper conditions for education was also discussed with the school administration.

And, within the framework of awareness, Al-Amal organized a health awareness campaign on 24 February in Al-Haritha township. The event focused on the prevention and avoiding diseases by sterilizing water and food, take care of pregnant women, addressing the symptoms of the most common diseases, how to become aware of the diseases and speedily visit the health centres. In addition, elements of good healthy living, which should be observed by the family, were displayed to prevent illness.

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