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Report of Distribution relief aid among IDPs in Erbil

Date of Report: 21/08/2014

Location: Erbil

Iraqi Al Amal Association

At the first half of August, many minorities became IDPs in Kurdistan of Iraq after terrorist group ISIS controlled Nineveh valley region(Telkief, Basheqa, Bartella, Qaraqosh…etc), many of them came to Erbil city and fill 8uncomplet building, schools and other public areas such as parks.

Iraqi AL Amal Association in cooperation with MCC were the first organizations moved as usual to help IDPs, and we focused on the children and women to provide at least basic live items such as mil;, diaper, and foods.

We have created team of young volunteers, and assets IDPs need as we visited many of the location to identify their needs and problem that they face while they are in Erbil.

We have worked in many directions to cover all of the minorities in Erbil region so we send our volunteers to different areas in Erbil region such as, Koya, Dohuk, Anakawa and uncompleted building were Shaba; IDPs located there.

The implementation of the aid distribution and the location was as follow:

  • 1-Shabak IDPs:Location: uncompleted building opposite side of Jihan UniversityNumber of Families:   150 familiesMinority: ShabakNumber of Children:  more than 90 childrenItem distributed: Milk and diapers among more than 90 children   Photos of Distribution:  
  • 2-AnkawaCamp (Christian IDPs:Location: inside Ankawa DistrictNumber of Families: 200 familesNumber of children: more than 210Minority: ChristianItem distributed: Milk, diapers and wet wipes among 210 children in the camp   Photos of Distribution:  
  • 3-Koya IDPs: Koysenjaq District

Location: Koysenjaq District

Number of families: more than 160 families

Minority: Christian

Items Distributed: Differnt kind of foods and cleaning and hygiene Items

4: Dohuk:

Location: Dohuk

Distribution of aid among more than 50 families

Minorities: christian and Yazidi

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