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Women’s affairs minister calls agreement leaders among three authorities, specialist to have one civil unified low that ensure women’s right

After the approval of the minister council to pass the civil status Jaafari law i in yesterday’s session, where minister of state for women’s affairs was absent for health reasons, dr. Ebtehal al Zaidi called all religious references and members of the legislative authority, especially women parliament member, the high judicial council in all its formations, researcher, lawyers specialists, committees general secretariat of the council of ministers concerned international conventions, civil society organizations, and human rights defenders to take practical steps to agree on a uniform civil low that ensure women’s rights and protection from contradict of laws and multiplicity which threat her stability in light of the social conditions taking place in Iraqi society after 2003 which produced a lot of family problems such as early marriage and divorce increasing, deserted women, marriage outside the court.

And called for male and female candidates to the next parliament to participate actively in the conduct of studies and seminars to submit recommendations to the concerned authorities.

The Iraqi government had discussed last week a in Geneva submitted the iraq report to the committee of convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (Cedaw) and the delegation made a pledge to the international community to ensure the fair and equitable legislation for Iraqi women in various denominations and religions, which is important recommendations that the committee highlighted stressed necessity that iraq committed to be to it.

Minister of state for women’s affairs had confirm that Iraq’s commitment to international conventions acceded to it is an important indicator of the democratic success process indicators after 2003; which is the responsibility of the three authorities, civil society and all international organizations.

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