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Peace Day Festival in Baghdad-Sept 2013

Peace Day Festival in Baghdad-Sept 2013

Iraqi Al-Amal Association youth celebrated international peace day which become as an annual tradition in collaboration with Salam Alrafidain organization and number of civil society organizations including various youth forums participated in organization expanded youth festival in 21/09/2013 at gardens of Abu Nawas in Baghdad the festival sponsored by coca cola, Tel communication, and (menappack). The festival was attended by great number of youth, regular people and some officials and it was greatly covered media.

The festival included installed many booths such as: your health comes first, souvenir, face painting, handcraft, plastic art, photographs, caricature, and stop the combat harassment against girl’s campaign, family support center, in addition to a fast-food booth and other pastries.

The program consist of festival speech,display Kraveta, Silent theater scene, sand painting, a play campaign organized by youth of your health comes first, a play organized youth of Iraq (both sexes) against harassment , child Farah team,and Baghdad city of peace pond for folk songs

In addition to promotional campaigns related to different activity such as health campaign,questioner about harassment contacted by IAA-FSC stuff, promotion for am Iraqi.

The atmosphere of festival was joyful and entertainment for the attends because for serious, initiatives and ambitions of youth in order to promote concepts of citizenship negotiation to use creativity by word and art in a time were the country is witnessing a security climax sectarian conflict in Iraq with expansion of the terrorism activities.

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