Blog 7- Its good to be positive

The Strength of a trainer when he believes that he is capable to make positive change to the trainees as every person has a positive and negative side, as we know all that there is no absolute positive or negative side, this depends on several aspects, including social and cultural environment along with social and economic upbringing, etc. If we take the positive qualities of a certain person and we started to encourage him to focus on these positive things that he enjoys, we will find in a very short period, the increased extent of the positive qualities and the development of the previous qualities.

I think that we have to learn from two issues: the first is to look at people on the basis of an integrated unit and not to judge on them from our personal attitude or according to positions that contradict to our values. 

The second issue: is to encourage people, no matter how we see them imperfect because only God is perfect and again there is no person without positive qualities and experiences that can take advantage of them. Today, I counted the number of participants and found that there are 35 people present inside the training hall and if we count that each person has the experience of ten years, at least we will have three hundred and thirty-five years of experience and wonderful knowledge, if we share them during the six days of training, we will come up with new, innovative and creative ideas.. Let’s focus on the positive experience of everyone around us.

Roaa Ahmed

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