Blog 6 -Behavior Change Day

Behavior Change Day

Each training course has outcomes, including a change at the level of information and knowledge, or skills, or change of directions or behaviors, and the latter is the harder one to get its results.

I’ll tell you about the most important events of the fifth day of our training workshop on Women’s Empowerment in Politics, as we started our morning sessions on discussions about the politician and what he/she must do to win the voters? Then we moved to the main topic which is the principles of training as we discussed it and gave examples of each of those principles and modalities of the five steps of learning in which we stressed on the feedback and then security and prediction, after that the participants were asked to do exercises to stimulate the energy for its important to refresh the participants as participants were divided into three groups. The first group presented one of those exercises while the second session included the importance of the meetings and the most important steps that precede the meeting and then simulate the meeting and beyond it. There was a group picture of the participants in the training, whereas the last session included the most important methods of training, such as working groups and role playing, some interesting and necessary exercises were done concerning the positions that may be exposed to women in the meetings, such meetings were dominated by men, and how to ignore their rights including interrupting or ending women speech or ignore their opinion or even violate their freedom to express an opinion to participate in decision-making, the second exercise was provided by another group that represented a democratic model of women’s participation in the meetings, participants have expressed their observations about this exercise .

At the end of the day there was a training evaluation that was moderated by the trainer, Ms. Anne, as she raised a question about the most important topics that have not been addressed within the agenda, where the participants answered that they did not get into the analysis of (SWOT) matrix.

 Wathba Abdullatif

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