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Human Rights issues are a primary point in the agenda of most of Al-Amal’s activities

Human Rights issues are a primary point in the agenda of most of Al-Amal’s activities

52,200 signatures were collected on a petition entitled “sign and implement” at the 50th anniversary of the international declaration of human rights in 1998 accompanied by a series of seminars and press conferences

In December 2002/January 2003, AL-Amal organised 9 seminars for the students of Salah Adeen and Sulaimaniya Universities under the title: “Combating Violence and Promoting HR Culture”

A mobile theatre was formed in Arbil Governorate in 2005/2006. The plays dealt with the abuses of human rights and were performed in districts, collective towns and a number of villages

Al-Amal completed in Najaf and Diwaniya a programme of training called “Human Rights is the Responsibility of All”. The programme, which lasted for two months from 1 April 2007, was carried out in 21 schools in the two Governorates and aimed at training 41 teachers in the principles of Human Rights. The teachers then trained 1,200 students in these schools

In the mid-August 2007, Iraqi Al-Amal Association and Baghdad Women Association completed the project “Peace Building through Training on Conflict Resolution and Democracy”. The principle components of the project included training in conflict resolution and peaceful networking, building civil dialogue and promoting culture of peace and building democracy amongst youth and women. During the project, which lasted for 4 months, 25 workshops were organised in Baghdad, Kerbala and Kirkuk. 625 beneficiaries from both sex, and different age groups and backgrounds participated in the training

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